Nov 192014

I could not understand why the Euro has fallen 100 pips in a few hours without really relevant news for markets. Lately there have been times in which quotations eur / usd fluctuated in limits without explanation. It seemed that someone is playing with bid and ask. A few days instead I have had confirmation of what I imagined. Five banks were fined for price rigging malpractice real meaning in Read all content

May 242014

I’d like to understand why major variations occur per Eur / Usd in the absence of really important events. Since a variation of 300 pips 10:1 leverage loss (or gain) would be $ 3000, it is clear that the risk taken should be reasonable. if you lose money, there is the temptation to increase your leverage to the next transaction to recover the loss. Risk management in this case recommend Read all content

Apr 182012

Warren Buffett is a market mover. The stock exchange moves when Buffett speaks and investors too. This news were drop by almost 1% Berkshire shares. Until Warren Buffett will decide about the next Berkshire’s CEO¬† the market will be so sensitive. What am I speaking about. Is a disease with 95% surviving hope. This news about prostate cancer of Warren Buffett are moving the share quotes without a good reason. Read all content