Jan 252012

Today I received a mail. One of a lot of scams I receive daily. This one has its place because is using Facebook which is the most used social network. Congratulation!!! YOUR PROFILE HAS BEEN AWARDED A GOLD MEMBERSHIP STATUS ON FACEBOOK. We happily announce to you and be notified by our organization (http://www.facebook.com) that your profile just completed It’s 100% Gold membership status which just qualified you for the Read all content

Jun 242009

Few days ago I had problems with the sites I am playing. The reason of the problems was a vulnerability in the Firefox not in Windows so it was a little bit harder to find and understand. So,  Thunderbird was so kind to allow download of a malware. It is added by the W32/Zotob-I worm. This infection, when started, it connects to a remote IRC server where it waits for Read all content