Jan 282012

Albert Einstein: The important thing is not to stop questioning These days I am discovering old posts of a friend which was better to read again and again and learn from last year. His post was wrote 6 years ago, February 2006. There are things I didn’t understood very well. I only evaluate based on marketing material and presentation.  Sadly, many of those who choose niche products that do not Read all content

Apr 222009

The Lifehacker editorial team develops an exclusive line of productivity software applications called Lifehacker Code, which we invite you to download and try out for free. In late 2006, Wiley and Sons published our first book, Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day, authored by Gina Trapani, Lifehacker’s founding editor. The second edition of the book, Upgrade Your Life, was realeased in March 2008. Last articles on Lifehacker.com : Read all content