Sep 162012

4 years have passed since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. After these four years, the financial world has changed. Even if Lehman Brothers was “too big to fail” this happened and things got out of control. Resounding failure was just the tip of the iceberg in crisis is announced, all exchanges and market issues came to light when the panic occurred. Meanwhile prices have returned to more realistic basis and Read all content

Jan 282012

Albert Einstein: The important thing is not to stop questioning These days I am discovering old posts of a friend which was better to read again and again and learn from last year. His post was wrote 6 years ago, February 2006. There are things I didn’t understood very well. I only evaluate based on marketing material and presentation.  Sadly, many of those who choose niche products that do not Read all content

Dec 202011

Nobody can argue that money plays an exceptionally important role in our contemporary life. Everything we do in our everyday life is connected with money, including work and amusement, not even talking about the natural needs like food, self-care products and clothes. The level of life is commonly measured by the money people have available for their needs. It’s generally known that the more money people get, the more sophisticated Read all content