May 242014

I’d like to understand why major variations occur per Eur / Usd in the absence of really important events. Since a variation of 300 pips 10:1 leverage loss (or gain) would be $ 3000, it is clear that the risk taken should be reasonable. if you lose money, there is the temptation to increase your leverage to the next transaction to recover the loss. Risk management in this case recommend Read all content

Dec 202011

Nobody can argue that money plays an exceptionally important role in our contemporary life. Everything we do in our everyday life is connected with money, including work and amusement, not even talking about the natural needs like food, self-care products and clothes. The level of life is commonly measured by the money people have available for their needs. It’s generally known that the more money people get, the more sophisticated Read all content

Jan 102011

Forex Trading during news can be extremely dangerous for the account. As recently as Friday, the market has fluctuated in 80 pips and caused loss of all those who had no coverage for the fluctuation margin. Market was expecting an increase in the dollar (and a drop in euro), but turnover was somewhat unexpected, given previous economic data. Calculations of a prudent trader should cover, and yet such a fluctuation Read all content