Apr 202012

I did not know that there are so many nutritional supplements . Maybe because I never had need. Of course there are many theories supporting these supplements, saying daily that food is low in vitamins. Astrosupplements.com is a website which I want to say something. I learned about some supplements that do not even know that there are for sale.  In Diet-Energy I found Ephedrine Epherdra which is a naturally occuring central nervous system stimulant obtained from the plant Ephedra equisetina. I am not sure if I need this but I promise 🙂 that I will let you know. Products are clearly organized in specific categories, and many eloquent pictures. It is pleasant and comfortable website for the color combination for titles, buttons and controls.

From technical point of view instead, due to scripts that loads slow, I got the connection reset. Even if the platform works well, some boxes are not very clear. For example User icon Access does not contain links. Below it are links to “/ customer / account” and “new customer”. The link for chat is quite hidden but works fine. I tested myself to know more about this misterious Ephedrine

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Apr 182012

Warren Buffett is a market mover. The stock exchange moves when Buffett speaks and investors too. This news were drop by almost 1% Berkshire shares. Until Warren Buffett will decide about the next Berkshire’s CEO  the market will be so sensitive.
What am I speaking about. Is a disease with 95% surviving hope. This news about prostate cancer of Warren Buffett are moving the share quotes without a good reason. Even if would be a disease with 5% of hope what is changing in the companies where Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A) has interests.

I have this empty feeling about stock exchanges which are driven by speculators and news without important relevance.

Apr 052012

GreatFamilyVacationDestinations.com is a website for fans of family vacations. The target are mainly American tourists especially considering that most suggested destinations are in the United States but it does have robust section for the United Kingdom too.
The content is rich in information that can be found easily. The main categories are found in the horizontal bar, which can be opened intuitively. The first impression is ordered portal with rich content. Find all areas, from all inclusive holidays to cruises and one day events. If you travel frequently you can become author reviews, sharing travel experiences.
 Great Family Vacation Destinations gave me a good impression as a carefully designed website for finding family vacation ideas, daytrips and family outing and family fun weekend activities.

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