Aug 052012

You must send a card? If you meet the person can easily buy one and give it. If you want to send an electronic card instead, on the internet there are many alternatives. Some offer simple images with animated messages or cards. has in addition a membership system with the ability to download more ecards for a fixed amount.
As a picture is worth 1000 words, images drawn in a unique style will surely make a good impression to the recipient.
The clients can found also corporate holiday ecards and business ecards meticulously drawn and hand painted. With this one will make for sure a good impression. I should say that the website is a clean one with quick options and menu.

Just in case you don’t know, “ojolie” it means beautiful in french 🙂 which is is entirely true for the ecards they deliver.


May 292012

How Will Zuckerberg Spend His Millions? The right answer is laughing.

In the real world things happen in a simple way. You need to pay and get something. So that you can pay, you must earn some money. In an equally simple way. In this equation I do not see where shall be the place of Facebook. The same equation when investing in stocks Facebook 1000 USD I expect in a year to gain about 10-15%. Maybe 20%. But Facebook does not produce anything. Just help me to waste the time. Facebook is a way of looking at the keyhole. I understand than the role of celebrities who use Facebook is to stay in touch with fans.
Why Facebook IPO was a fiasco. Because future shareholders are not in line to buy shares which will lose value. The loses are already at almost 10%. For these actions that have no real value. When Facebook will bring some value services for users, shares will have continuous solid base.
There are currently 900 million users. Also MySpace has had many users and lost the battle with time and technological advances. If tomorrow, comes some news that disparages Facebook with or without reason, these people will not produce the same turnover, and shareholders will be disappointed.

All of the rumors around Facebook’s IPO will have some investors taking a very close look at the company books and thinking more than twice about what its stock is really worth.

May 182012

Remember the cartoons figures with Asian allure. Most were Japanese. I did not know that there are still a lot of passion for these cartoons, and of course the customers willing to buy, but maybe once you pass the appropriate age to watch them,you  are not up to date with news.
So all these things  I found on a web site that sells CDs, DVD movies and games with Asian characters

I was curious to see what are the blu-ray in the PC section I have enough choices instead of comedy where nothing is available. seems to be built on a platform customized of OSCommerce deep. The information is structured in tables with many mouseover effects. I could not understand the logic of including secure page viewing products. But it is also a choice.
For the rest, the site leaves a good impression at first sight and has a load page speed 85 of a maximum  of 100.

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