Feb 032013

Using charts is an efficient way for any investor to identify stocks worthy of their money. Technology stocks are some of the most valuable, yet volatile markets around these days. Because the price of raw materials is in constant flux and new technology is coming out almost every hour, these stocks can have steep climbs and deep declines in the same day. Using a chart for technology stocks is the best way to analyze and interpret these volatile stocks.
Compare and Contrastyahoo chart
Charts are great for many things, but the ability to overlap different stocks and see the comparison and contrast between them over a given period of time makes using charts a no-brainer for technology stocks. Continue reading »

Jan 132013

Directions to Milano A trip to Europe can be a great experience with all details prepared in advance. Finding a hotel where they speak English, find tourist routes, finding restaurants that offer menus enjoyable for us. These details can make the difference between a good trip and a disaster.

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Jan 012013

stolen-keywordsThe first idea of this article was about the Top 20 most expensive keywords for the last month. But yesterday I discovered another kind of scam. It is a little bit more smart than usually. I tried to find some information about a electrical parts of a vehicle. With the basic search engines I didn’t found something to match close my keywords. I found instead a website were the name of the file was exactly what I looked for. I had to download and install a search and download program. Of course I paid a small amount. Even this few bucks are too much for the junk I received so far. Continue reading »