Jun 102013

Pet and Baby Gates PetAndBabyGates.com is one of the latest website I discovered.
I found out that there are solutions to protect children. Actually it is very easy for a child to slip on the stairs or get out of a safe space when it is not monitored. Such fences and gates are also useful for pets. Looking at the prices I noted that there are not expensive. I have found many models, from the simplest to some elegant.
I took a look at the quality of our website.
It use a wordpress engine with some crowded plugins. I would have preferred some less color and I would have used a fewer fonts. With so many fonts and colors becomes tiresome if you want to look for a specific item.

Mar 222013
    Create lists, tables, and feeds of content. This can be nodes, comments, users, or entities of any type.
  2. Token
    Use generic placeholders to display dynamic data. Token is usually installed as a dependency for another module.
  3. Chaos tool suite
    Provides APIs and tools. This module is generally installed as a dependency of other modules such as Views.
  4. Pathauto
    Automatically create search engine-friendly, human-readable URLs based on customizable patterns. An example URL alias is http://drupal.org/project/pathauto (in place of a URL that might have originally looked like http://drupal.org/node/1234).
  5. Date
    Creates a flexible date/time field and provides an API for other modules to use.
  6. Administration Menu
    Provides a horizontal, drop-down style administration menu at the top of each page, with one-click links to all major administrative tasks.
  7. IMCE
    Provides a file browser with basic file management and image manipulation.
  8. Wysiwyg
    (What You See Is What You Get) provides a word processor-style content editor in the browser, similar to the interface of popular office applications like LibreOffice or Microsoft Office.
  9. Webform
    Create custom input forms for surveys, contest entry forms, contact forms, petitions and the like.
  10. Google Analytics
    Adds the Google Analytics web statistics tracking system to your site.
Feb 032013

Using charts is an efficient way for any investor to identify stocks worthy of their money. Technology stocks are some of the most valuable, yet volatile markets around these days. Because the price of raw materials is in constant flux and new technology is coming out almost every hour, these stocks can have steep climbs and deep declines in the same day. Using a chart for technology stocks is the best way to analyze and interpret these volatile stocks.
Compare and Contrastyahoo chart
Charts are great for many things, but the ability to overlap different stocks and see the comparison and contrast between them over a given period of time makes using charts a no-brainer for technology stocks. Continue reading »