Jan 052015

The euro is near the 2012 lowes level and many analysts are predicting that will touch the 1.10 this year. Nobody sees that a stronger dollar will not help the recovery in USA nor in Europe or elsewhere. The convenient exchange rate EUR/USD is somewhere around 1.25 to 1.30. This rate is low enough to guarantee the economy growth for USA and keep interesting the industrial production for export.
The fundamentals for global economy are not strong enough for experiments on rates. Of course this opinion is valid if rigging markets is finished and there are no other goals to achieve by biggest banks and hedge funds.
Keep in mind that whoever was short on Eur/Usd will markup some profits to the balance sheet.

Jan 012015

Sometimes ECB is inert to put in place measures that help the markets.
The abstract speeches of Draghi doesn’t help anymore and the high level of taxation in Europe across various nations only slows the recovery. Remember that Draghi comes from Italy which has one of the highest level of total taxes paid by a citizen. Also we could call the attitude of Draghi with the italian word “farraginoso”

U.S. gross domestic product went at an annual rate of 5 percent  in the third quarter, the most since the same period in 2003, revised government data released last week showed. It means that the

Prior to Draghi’s Aug. 22 remarks during a speech at the Fed Bank of Kansas City’s annual economic symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Parker Global Strategies LLC index that tracks the performance of 14 top currency funds had fallen 2.7 percent from Dec. 31. It has since climbed more than 5 percent, set for a 2.6 percent annual increase.

American economy is growing but european one remains fractionated between german efficiency and greeks issues.

Growing American Economy