Feb 072012

Today is celebrating 200 years since the birth of Charles Dickens on 7 February 1812. Charles Dickens is one of the best known English writers. When I say the name of the writer immediately think Oliver Twist. There was the book that I liked the most but the most famous of the vast work of Charles Dickens.
Google celebrates this anniversary by publishing style logo below

Feb 062012

There is a WordPress feature that saves automatically review our article in order to avoid accidental loss of our content. These revisions allow us to recover previous versions of our post but of course they’re going to weigh down, albeit slightly, our database. Sometimes
Solutions to change it:

Change the settings to our revisions is very simple, just add one line of code to our wp-config.php file located in the root of our site. The possibilities for change are:

Change the interval that elapses between a self-rescue and the other, 3 minutes in our case:
1 define (‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 180), / / every 3 minutes

Specify the maximum number of revisions you want to save, in the case where 5 is the number of revisions allowed:
1 define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 5);

Completely disable the Revision of the post:
1 define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false);

Of course if you want the options togheter will add the lines you need. For Example:

define (‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 600), / / every 10 minutes;

define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 5);/ / will limit the revisions to 5

Feb 042012

Browsing nothinginbetweenllc.com I found a minimalist website. I have not found unnecessary pages nor pages full of aggressive advertising. The central figure of the site is the book by Joani Ward “You Do not Have To Be Broke”. I would like to find a page dedicated to the author and a true picture of the book published.

The unique advantage of Joani Ward’s book is that it is based on her actual experiences. She hopes readers will take the required action to bring their entrepreneurial ideas to fruition, unlike her earlier unfinished attempts. Please understand that Joani may have missed out on some of her earlier entrepreneurial opportunities, but she’s on point now. Her MBA provides the foundation, skills and confidence she needs to run a business, but her self-education is what gave her the drive to become a business owner.
Jim Rohn says “a formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a fortune.”

True wealth creation is driven by self-development, so make an investment in yourself with a copy of Joani Ward’s new book, You Don’t Have To Be Broke.