Jan 032009

WordPress is the platform that I use on this blog. For a lot of reasons. First is because is user friendly and second because is very customizable even if the IT skills are low. Also a lot of themes are built every day. A site to visit is of course wordpress.org. There you can find the latest versions of wordpress. You will need some basic preparation to download and install awordpress blog. In the Downloads directory of this site you can dowload also the versions 2.5 and 2.7. I’ve left also the 2.5 version because some users prefer this one and not the last.

You can view also the other comments as Plugins and Themes. It is just an alternative for some tools that I use and I found useful.

Another site you should visit is wordpress.com. If you intend to test this platform this is the right way. Setup a free blog


on the Multi User platform and Happy Blogging. The setup procedure does not need any technical skills and is fast. When will have some post will have discovered if is what you expected.

Jan 022009

WordPress is a user friendly cms (content management system) for blog platforms. You can find a lot of themes or skins to download for your blog. There are grouped in category by columns, width, colors and so on.

You can see some themes with a clean design visiting the links below:

Spectra – Free WordPress Theme


Coolio – Free WordPress Theme