Jan 032014
Speaking again about Drupal, today was announced a maintenance release, 7.25 which mostly isĀ  fixing issues underlined by contributors. This release also fixes some missing links in documentation and minor bugs. 

Here are some major changes since previous release (7.24) as in Drupal 7.25 release notes:

  • Performance improvement: Prevented block rehashing from writing blocks to the database on every cache clear and cron run when the blocks have not changed. This fix results in an extra ‘saved’ key which is added and set to TRUE for each block returned by _block_rehash() that actually is saved to the database (data structure change).
  • Fixed a bug which caused cached pages to sometimes be sent to the browser with incorrect compression. The fix adds a new ‘page_compressed’ key to the $cache->data array returned by drupal_page_get_cache() (minor data structure change).
  • Fixed broken tests on PHP 5.5. Continue reading »
Dec 302013
    Multilanguage DrupalThis days I am dealing with a Drupal multilingual installation which could be difficult if don’t know how it works. Drupal speaks over 100 languages, perhaps you know already. It comes obviously with English like native language.

A good start is at Translating content argument at Drupal.org

All modules has to be downloaded and installed from the web interface or by uploading all in the yoursite.ext/public_html/sites/all/modules/ folder

Some dependencies (for example Locale or Content translations) has to be checked to enable all modules.


  • ctools
  • i18n
  • l10n_update
  • languageicons
  • libraries
  • pathauto
  • token
  • transliteration
  • variable
  • views

After it has to be enabled in the yoursite.ext/admin/structure/types all the type of contents that will be translated from the native language.

Best practice is to set at multilingual settings:

and also enable multilingual support for this content type. If enabled, a language selection field will be added to the editing form, allowing you to select from one of the enabled languages. You can also turn on translation for this content type, which lets you have content translated to any of the installed languages. If disabled, new posts are saved with the default language.


Jun 102013

Pet and Baby Gates PetAndBabyGates.com is one of the latest website I discovered.
I found out that there are solutions to protect children. Actually it is very easy for a child to slip on the stairs or get out of a safe space when it is not monitored. Such fences and gates are also useful for pets. Looking at the prices I noted that there are not expensive. I have found many models, from the simplest to some elegant.
I took a look at the quality of our website.
It use a wordpress engine with some crowded plugins. I would have preferred some less color and I would have used a fewer fonts. With so many fonts and colors becomes tiresome if you want to look for a specific item.