Mar 062012

This international pen pals site is all about helping you find new friends and helping you to understand friendship, so that you not only make new friends but keep those new friends too. You can join pen pals from all over the world getting together to make new friends or being more than just friends.

At the first look “Eye Point of View” I say, International is a clean website with a clear purpose. Finding a pen pal in various ways. The right photo is awesome and is inspiring trust and direct contact. Browsing the pages you will find all kinds of pen pals. Maybe some personal informations like starting date of the website or a contact form more friendly would be welcome. Also too much colors for the links and the   Taking a closer look I understand that few search options are being offered by external sites. The best way to insert this kind of services is clearly.
“Technic Point of View” instead reveals few issues would affect the website in listings on search engines.
The platform used is WordPress with a minimalist theme. The Home and another navigation link are going to the same page.

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Feb 132012
Valentine's Day Icon

Today Google celebrates Valentine’s Day. It is using a Doodle called “Cold, Cold Heart” performed by Tony Bennett courtesy of Columbia Records and Sony/ATV. This image represents a nice comic cartoon.



Also you can download a set of icons with Valentine’s Day Theme from

Feb 122012

Together with my daughter Monica, we organize a contest for gifted children. On is a gig that will help us offer three awards. The contest consists of sending two sample things (photos, drawings) that better shows their passion and a text describing this passion. Each competitor will receive votes from blog readers. The top three will receive prizes of the amount collected, first place receives 50%, 35% the second and third place 15%.
We organize this competition because we were impressed by the results of these children. Below are some photos and the children are from this school

A Thank You Message will be posted after the end of the contest with Special Mention to the users of who supported this small project. The same supporters will have dofollow links on this blog and also from another blog with PR 4 which is

You can also Donate to this project. Remember that any amount will be welcome because “something” is better then “nothing”