Apr 242009

Google released a new version of Chrome updated to to fix a security issue. Even with this issues, Chrome is a interesting alternative of the other browsers.

Roi Saltzman, of the IBM Rational Application Security Research Group, reported April 8 a security problem which allow cross-site scripting attacks. Such methods can make a Web browser process unauthorized code such as JavaScript, enabling a variety of attacks, including impersonation or phishing. The security problem not seem to beĀ  so dangerous if on the computer is running also a wise protection program.

If a user has Google Chrome installed, visiting an attacker-controlled web page in Internet Explorer could have caused Google Chrome to launch, open multiple tabs, and load scripts that run after navigating to a URL of the attacker’s choice. Such an attack only works if Chrome is not already running

says Mark Larson – Google Chrome Program Manager

Apr 222009

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