Jul 152015

Greece’s fundamental problem is that it hasn’t a eficient economy. What this means? That Greek society does not engage in productive activities that increase real wages and living standards. How do we know this? From the international rankings that show how great statist exploitation in Greece and how is stifling bureaucratic pressure. “Greece is ranked 81 in the Global Competitiveness Ranking, where Spain is ranked 35, Portugal on 36, Italy Read all content

Jul 122015

This year Warren Buffett is getting ready to celebrate fifty years of business with Berkshire Hathaway (BRK / A), however, the financial conglomerate is under fire from the market due to lack of transparency. But Wall Street is against Warren Buffett? Essentially the leading analysts of international investment banks denounce lack of transparency in the latest quarterly published by Berkshire. Analysts complain that a $ 370 billion dollars which ranks Read all content