Jul 152015

Greece’s fundamental problem is that it hasn’t a eficient economy. What this means? That Greek society does not engage in productive activities that increase real wages and living standards. How do we know this? From the international rankings that show how great statist exploitation in Greece and how is stifling bureaucratic pressure.

“Greece is ranked 81 in the Global Competitiveness Ranking, where Spain is ranked 35, Portugal on 36, Italy on 49. In fact, instead resemble any country in the OECD, Greece has the same level of competitiveness as Algeria or Iran. In addition, Greece has one of the worst tax systems and prevent the creation of jobs through a combination of aggressive between taxation and bureaucratic burden small businesses. The World Bank’s Doing Business ranking, which measures the ease with which one can start a business, Greece occupies one of the last places in the OECD, namely position 61 in the world, much as Spain, Italy or Portugal.

Between 1976 and 2012 the number of public employment has increased three times, while private sector employment increased only by 25%. These things, plus the fact that the country has more than 70 loss-making state companies and the share of government spending in GDP is 59% – reaching an average of 49% since 2004 – Greek drama really. ”

It seems clear that the solution out of the crisis lies not in imposing new taxes as Troika wants and Syriza, but the minimization of state. The solution is “two taxes” immediate disbanding of the public pension system that does not produce solidarity, but also deepens poverty, the abolition of clerical bureaucratic apparatus that tax simultaneous with liberalization and deforestation bureaucratic thicket. Politicians are arguing that punks on pennies, because nobody wants to give his side of the operation: the Europeans, which stimulated the Greek debt will necessarily mark the gross (recovering the money and interest) after you have saved the bankers; and the Greek government wants to further exploit their slaves on the plantation, both as standing.

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