Jan 032014
Speaking again about Drupal, today was announced a maintenance release, 7.25 which mostly isĀ  fixing issues underlined by contributors. This release also fixes some missing links in documentation and minor bugs. 

Here are some major changes since previous release (7.24) as in Drupal 7.25 release notes:

  • Performance improvement: Prevented block rehashing from writing blocks to the database on every cache clear and cron run when the blocks have not changed. This fix results in an extra ‘saved’ key which is added and set to TRUE for each block returned by _block_rehash() that actually is saved to the database (data structure change).
  • Fixed a bug which caused cached pages to sometimes be sent to the browser with incorrect compression. The fix adds a new ‘page_compressed’ key to the $cache->data array returned by drupal_page_get_cache() (minor data structure change).
  • Fixed broken tests on PHP 5.5.
  • Made the File and Image modules more robust when saving entities that have deleted files attached. The code in file_field_presave() will now remove the record of the deleted file from the entity before saving (minor data structure change).
  • Standardized menu callback functions throughout Drupal core to return MENU_NOT_FOUND and MENU_ACCESS_DENIED rather than printing their own “page not found” or “access denied” pages (minor API change in the return value of these functions under some circumstances).
  • Fixed a bug in which caches were not properly cleared when a node was deleted via the administrative interface.
  • Changed the database schema of the {file_managed} table to allow Drupal to manage files larger than 4 GB.

The release is available for download at http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/

Download Size md5 hash
drupal-7.25.tar.gz 3.05 MB 25906158083d89aa86534df1c683b4ea
drupal-7.25.zip 3.49 MB 716efcdacdc7405f7857aa515c893eb8
Last updated: January 3, 2014 – 02:38

To update to this version is not possible to use the web interface.

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