Jan 012013

stolen-keywordsThe first idea of this article was about the Top 20 most expensive keywords for the last month. But yesterday I discovered another kind of scam. It is a little bit more smart than usually. I tried to find some information about a electrical parts of a vehicle. With the basic search engines I didn’t found something to match close my keywords. I found instead a website were the name of the file was exactly what I looked for. I had to download and install a search and download program. Of course I paid a small amount. Even this few bucks are too much for the junk I received so far.

Their trick was that the website is reading your keywords (for example: my wish list), is building a file that is called my_wish_list.rar. This file name is at the first place on the search list of this junk website. So the visitor believes that he found previously what was looking for. That’s why is so involving to pay to gain access to the download area. After I installed the software in the search area the file I was looking was disappeared and the results was from the second place of the initial list (before paying the fee) .
For me stealing some bucks from visitors is a lammer business model. There are so many of this in internet but anyway. More patterns we understand, less money will be stolen.

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