Jan 282012

Kevin Frank RealtorThe next website we are speaking about is  Kevin Frank.ca , you will find it searching for  realtor Vancouver . First impression when the page is opened is very good.

A professional website, with a very clean look and easy information with fast access. The Contact Page is on the right place whith map and phone.

The Blog Section provides a lot of informations around the subject. A personal touch and some live comments could bring more to the website.

It is clear that who done this job knows how the web works. The platform used is Drupal which is one of the best CMS open source and most reliable. This is the “Eye Point of View” or “Human Point of View”
The “Technic Point of View” instead reveals few issues which penalize the website in listings on search engines. As far as a robot which visits the website for index does not see the page but a list of characteristics following a set of rules, the errors has to be fixed:

In the header meta name=”keywords” doesn’t exist
There is no attribute “itemtype” or “itemprop” for <a href=”http://kevinfrank.ca” itemprop=”url”>kevinfrank.ca</a> This is cause a list of  few errors
None of the images linked has required attribute “alt” specified


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