Jun 082011

Autosave is a function in WordPress which save the post or the page you are editing. The autosave versions and the time are on the bottom of the page.  I’ve already wrote about WordPress 2.7 and this function. With new versions of WordPress the things are changed a little bit. Disabling autosave completely is not so difficult. Be aware that WordPress will no longer save while you write, meaning you can lose work much easier.

To disable WordPress autosave, you must access your website FTP and edit post.php and post-new.php in the “wp-admin” directory.  So, edit line that contains
by adding // to the beginning of the line and will became:
// wp_enqueue_script(‘autosave’);

(and the font color will change in grey)

. In post-new.php, edit line in the same way so it reads

If you ever want to restart the autosave function, just remove the // in both files.

To modify the page editor, make the same changes to wp-admin/page-new.php and wp-admin/page.php.

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  1. very useful information post thanks to share really help me to disable autosave on blog

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