Feb 182011

The easy way to find a cheap flight is to search online. Apparently there is no site that you can use each to obtain the lowest price for airline tickets. Because there are a lot of variables involved, each time the search must be made cross. What does this mean?
I decide the dates of departure and route. Check price and number of stops in at least 4-5 sites.

There are three types of sites for these searches:
Aggregators that check offers for many different airlines.  Some of this are skyscanner.net, farecompare.com.There isn’t a fee, but are based on affiliate marketing and advertising on the site like AdSense to earn their money. These are the best and fastest solutions. Whith a basic search for  they are come up.

Traditional booking agencies (eg booking.com, priceline.com), which checks multiple web sites charge a small fee ~ 5-10 dollars in addition to the flight price. They are selling on behalf of the airline and keep the fee. 3. Airline’s own websites (eg, Delta, KLM). If you find a flight booking engine, please visit the airline’s own view, so if you can get it for same price minus the booking fee. important subset of this airline are not playing nice and not offer rates up to aggregators (eg south-west). You should check their individual sites.
If I try option price agreed to change its flight to another hour or another day. I can do this easily because most sites have this option. For cheap flights, there may be restrictions for luggage, or the change of flights. Not always the cheapest flight is the best choice. I was surprised to see that I can find a very good offer right on the site of the Delta or KLM airlines. It’s cheap overseas where the cost difference and flight time are large.
I do not know how to find it worthwhile cheapest flight routes short. For a few dollars difference probably deserve to travel with the same company and has received various offers or discounts occasionally routes, if the company covers.

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