May 232009

Links are attributed great importance in organic search engine promotion and also play a determining role in achieving high rankings.

Search engine spiders follow links to crawl and index web pages and humans too follow links to navigate the web. One way thematic links therefore impart dual benefit. It makes the website available to search engine crawlers to index and at the same time drives relevant traffic to the website. Many websites have achieved high search engine visibility and attracted qualified traffic as a result of successful link development. However all of these are only possible if the links obtained adhere to certain quality parameters, as mentioned below.

  • The links should be sourced from thematically relevant web pages.
  • Links should be obtained from web pages that have been cached by search engines.
  • Obtaining links from FFA sites, link farms and bad neighborhood should be avoided at all costs.
  • The link page should not have the “rel=nofollow” attribute.
  • To ensure high quality, links should be developed manually.

Links conforming to the above mentioned quality parameters would impart maximum benefit to the linked web page.

Link building is a multi phase process and requires adequate planning and careful execution. After the link source has been identified, due consideration should be given to the relevance and value of the link being obtained. The evaluation process is subjective but one thing is true for sure – not all links can be of good quality. Also, the inherent benefits of link building can only be reaped when links are sourced from thematically relevant web pages and not from web pages that may attract high traffic but are semantically distinct.

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