Feb 072009

As far as I see that the scam letters are still arriving I decided to make a new category with this patterns.

Today I’ve received an email with this content:

Dear Friend,

Happy new year, I got your contact on the internet in my bid to look
for to invest a large volume of funds for investments which i need
someone who is capable of handle such project with trust.

Meanwhile, it is pertinent i detail you to source of the funds
in question for our investment plan,This money came from contract
over invoicing and inflation of contract sum. I became the admin
officer not long ago. When I assumed office I discovered this
money floating in my ministry’s account. My investigation
disclosed that the money was meant for foreign contractors
who did some work in my ministry in the past. These foreign
contractors have since been paid in full but this money still
remains as a debt in our account books. I have decided to
secretly transfer this money out of my country having reached
an agreement with our department director of account.

The safest way of doing this is to transfer this money
overseas on the pretext that it is being paid to contractors
that are being owed by my ministry. The money will be sent
to you in the guise that you did some contract jobs in
my ministry.


1. A good bank account,this bank account could be in your
country or any other country provided that government tax
on transferred fund does not exceed 10%.

2. Assurance from you that you will not cheat as soon as
the funds gets to you people.Further details will be
given to you upon receipt of your response.

Best regards
Jerry D. Mark.
Joint Business Proposal

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